Comprehensive refurbishment of a building for the construction of 26 luxury homes; this is the first project of real-estate crowd-funding by storey, in Madrid.
Main courtyard


Recoletos 13, Madrid

Period of the work

Recoletos July 2013- February 201613, Madrid


5.000 m2


26 homes

Scope of the intervention

Comprehensive refurbishment

Construction company


Entrance hall
Multi-purpose room
Secondary courtyards

This building offers different types of homes that meet the needs of each investor, from small, functional apartments to large penthouse apartments with open terraces.

The classical architecture of this building follows the character and singularity of other buildings in the Salamanca district. Presiding over the corner of calle Recoletos with calle del Cid, the building boasts an imposing double exterior façade; inside, the generous height between the floors provides excellent light, which enters through the large windows.

An ambitious comprehensive refurbishment of a building whose protected façade and main staircase provide historical and architectural value to the homes planned inside.

The construction process was a major challenge as structural reinforcements were required on the lower floors. The reason behind this was the change in type and distribution of certain homes, which caused variations in the load-bearing parts of the structure and, therefore, in its supporting elements on the ground floor.

Thanks to the variety of distributions, we were able to create different types of homes: from 1-bedroom apartments on the lower floors to large homes of more than 300 metres on the upper floors, and also 4 spectacular penthouse apartments with open terraces.

Main Patio

The building has exceptional added value, thanks to the excellent design concepts applied and the integration of landscaping in its courtyards, creating small urban oases brimming with life

The comprehensive refurbishment of the Recoletos 13 building is even more significant because of the attention to detail applied to the redesigning of the communal areas. A new-build property in one of Madrid’s oldest districts.

Every detail of the project, big or small, was designed in a comprehensive manner, from the incorporation of the protected staircase into the entrance hall, to the design of the communal areas and spaces that add value to the building, such as the multi-purpose room, the gym or the other exterior courtyards.

Although the smaller courtyards, onto which some of the rooms look, were subject to refurbishment, the main focus of the transformation was the main courtyard.

This magnificent area was transformed from a residual space, which was only used to store rubbish bins, into a true green oasis with a refurbished façade that was also used to build small balconies for some of the homes.

In this project, landscaping again became a key point in the refurbishment works, the vegetation being the star of the integration works in each and every one of the open spaces. The upper courtyards and open terraces were ‘custom-dressed’ in terms of vegetation, thanks to a detailed report which analysed the most suitable plant species for each space, always placing them according to the overall aesthetic appearance and views. A project in which architecture and landscaping truly walk hand in hand.


Unbeatable location in the best area of ​​the Barrio de Salamanca a few meters from the Puerta de Alcalá. Between calle Serrano and Paseo de Recoletos, the property is located on a quiet residential street and at the same time close to all services.
Emblematic buildings with great historical and architectural value surround it, being Recoletos, one of the most prestigious areas of Madrid.
Very close to the major tourist attractions of the capital. Main commercial and restaurant activity in Madrid where the most prestigious fashion stores and brands are located.
In addition, its proximity to El Retiro Park, the largest urban oasis in Madrid, 200m away, makes Recoletos 13 a perfect location to live.