Comprehensive refurbishment of a building for 10 homes in a property with a privileged location in the Jerónimos district.
Penthouse views


Montalbán 11, Madrid

Period of the work

February 2016 - June 2020


4.000 m2


9 homes

Scope of the intervention

Comprehensive refurbishment

Construction company

Fernández Molina

Lobby with Cruz Diez artwork
Indoor pool
Robotic parking

Privileged location in Madrid’s most prestigious district: an emblematic building overlooking the Retiro park a few metres from the capital’s main landmarks.

The building located in Montalbán 11, in the prestigious Jerónimos district, is a true gem with an exceptional location.

Its proximity to all of Madrid’s emblematic buildings, its location a few metres from the Retiro park and the peace and quiet of the residential street in which it is located, make Montalbán 11 a unique place to live.

From the beginning, the project was designed with great care and exquisite attention to detail, in order to transform this early-twentieth-century building (which was refurbished in the 1980s) into a new residential and architectural landmark of Madrid.

In this project, the entire design was also key from the beginning. Thanks to the work of the world-renowned artist, Carlos Cruz Diez, art has become a feature of the building, with its darkest and most degraded areas transformed into spaces brimming with light and colour.

The entrance lobby, which used to be dark and unappealing, has been improved massively by the work of art. The same applies to the lift, which will not only be a practical feature, but also a small art gallery in motion. And, as is only fitting, the apartments will also house works of the artist for everyone to enjoy.

Interior render

A perfect marriage of art and architecture as an initial concept that adds value to each of the luxury homes.

Thanks to this combination of architecture and art, Montalbán 11 will become Madrid’s first residential building listed as an asset of cultural interest.

In addition to the unique work of art that makes the building so exclusive, the property will boast magnificent communal areas, such as an indoor swimming pool, fully-equipped gym, spa area, multi-purpose areas, landscaped courtyards and an automated parking system with 33 spaces, which was made possible by major structural works to empty out the basements below the existing building.

The building specifications of the homes are spectacular and include fine materials and a combination of designs that make each room as cosy and welcoming as the next.

Each of the homes has been customised in detail, and each is different from the others.

The top of the building offers a spectacular duplex penthouse apartment with private open terraces and amazing views of Madrid.


The Jerónimos neighborhood is the most exclusive area of ​​Madrid. A neighborhood where all the buildings have a high architectural value. Los Jerónimos is a quiet area, mainly residential, but it is also where the main museums of the city are located, becoming a neighborhood where art is the protagonist.
Montalbán is also the widest street in Los Jerónimos, which provides open views and great luminosity to the houses in the building.
The El Retiro park, less than 200 m from the property, enriches the area even more if possible.